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Pu'erh Tea

Pu’erh teas are first made into a primary tea, green (also called uncooked) or black (also called cooked). The leaves are then pile fermented with controlled moisture and temperature levels. Pu-erhs are best known for being pressed into dense cakes, which can assume a variety of forms and shapes. Also available as a loose leaf tea. Known for earthy, musty aroma with a rich and thick, smooth taste. Many improve with age provided they are stored properly. A few have delicate and very sweet cups and aromas. Liquor colors vary from golden-green to coffee- black. Authentic pu'erh is only from Southeastern (Yunnan) China. Other teas that are made in the same processing style not from Yunnan, China are sometimes known as "dark teas".

Organic Pu'erh

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